Welcome to the Soul Sparkle Experience! 

We are being called to live our brightest, boldest life.
Do you feel it too?
We are being called like never before to show up in the most authentic way, the most beautiful way, the way that has us most lit up.

We are all born with sparkle in our soul. There are many ways we can forget who we are born to be: by being told we are too much, doing work that we don’t love, or being in relationships that suck us dry. Sometimes we need to be reminded of this divine spark within us. The easiest way is to see your own sparkly reflection through a soul sister. Sometimes it can seem difficult to find true, authentic relationships.

Connections that run deeper than surface level. We often feel like people don’t really “get” us. We become afraid to fully show up as our real selves, but we long to be seen, supported, accepted, and deeply loved. We want to be surrounded by visionaries and kind souls that inspire us to dream big and to follow our heart.

This weekend getaway will unleash the sparkle that you have hidden inside. You will leave feeling deeply loved, nourished from the inside out, supported in sisterhood, and fully seen for the beautiful soul you are.

It is my wish that you leave feeling connected to your body, heart and soul and that you experience sweet, lasting connection. I whole-heartedly intend for you to feel loved and embraced by this circle of sisters gathering and to take home a self-care practice that will nurture all parts of your being.

We will kick off our weekend with a stunning Soul Sparkle Shakti workshop! Soul Sparkle Shakti is a lovely combination of kundalini yoga, sensual movement, tribal dance, ecstatic dance, guided meditation and deep relaxation. This practice is designed to awaken your inner sparkle and light you up in a new and dynamic way.  Come spend two hours awakening the divine feminine power within you through movement, meditation and celebration. 

Soul Sparkle Celebration: Join us for a day of magic and miracles!  Sisterhood and sweet celebration of the magic we are creating.  We will begin with breakfast and coffee/tea together and our day will include a kundalini yoga practice, workshops and experiential teaching, ritual and ceremony. 

We will then celebrate sisterhood together with a Soul Sparkle Soiree with beautiful views and toast with champagne and appetizers.  This is a lovely time to connect with sisters and share what magic is showing up in our lives!  

We will end our day with the Soul Sparkle Supper Club:  This is a lovely dinner party style experience to help us cultivate mindfulness as it relates to nourishing ourselves from the inside out.  We will explore how to infuse more presence and passion into our lives while enjoying a delicious three course dinner with bubbles of course!   

Sunday we will begin with the Creating a Magical Life Workshop!  

This two-hour Soul Sparkle Workshop will help you to clarify and start creating the experiences you want in life. Leave behind self-limiting thoughts and discover tools to help you bring more blessings into your future. Whether it’s greater love, increased abundance, a new career, or a deeper sense of peace, you can tap into the power to make it happen.

Kundalini yoga (a non-religious approach to getting in touch with the joy of life), mudras (particular placement of the hands), mantras (uplifting words and phrases), and guided meditation will help you bring to life all the things you want for yourself and for your community. Discover the power of a writing future-focused gratitude journal to help you clearly define and visualize all that you want to create, develop, and experience.

We will end our transformative time together with a beautiful Oneness Blessing, chocolate meditation and a champagne toast! (Non-alcoholic option provided.) You will leave the Soul Sparkle Workshop feeling inspired, uplifted, and excited! 

We will close our weekend with a beautiful and delicious celebratory Sunday Brunch! I can't wait to spend this lovely weekend with you at one of my favorite places! 

“Sangha” means blessed community in Sanskrit. This is what Soul Sparkle is carefully curating: an intentional space of sisterly love so you can reconnect with true yourself, your passions, and your long lost soul sisters. Our mission is to create a place for you to share your dreams and receive encouragement, validation and support to help make them come true. Because remember, you CAN have it all. You have to simply choose it.

I’m honored to guide you on this journey to finding your sparkle within!