Welcome to the Soul Sparkle and SHINE

Experience in Mallorca, Spain!


Welcome to this incredible experience of MAGIC in MALLORCA! This is a 5 night/six day adventure and we are so excited to share it with you!

The Balearic Island of Mallorca is a first-class destination, an island with a rich history and culture, with deep roots and a tangible spirit. A different side of the island awaits to be peeled back and unveiled...

Mallorca is a powerhouse of esoteric energy that within it holds capacity for a deeper experience. Its pre-historic heritage and connection to the Sacred Feminine is a dynamic container for uplifting and up-leveling. Being on the island imparts an alchemy into your mission; its higher frequencies facilitate quantum leaps and shifts within yourself and allows for an even deeper connection and experience.

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We will experience Mallorca's sacred sites and connect with the Sacred Feminine. Mallorca is a haven of power-points to UP our frequency and vibration. We will experience ceremony and ritual at the major sacred sites of the island where the riches of ancient ritual can be deeply felt. 

Mallorca is an oasis of elegance and calm; the island has long been home to painters and poets from around the globe, with people drawn to the relaxed way of life, endless sunshine, rich culture and picturesque combination of forested hillside and glimmering deep blue of the Mediterranean ocean. 

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Join us for the Mallorca Aligned Abundance experience this May! 

We are being called like never before to show up in the most authentic way, the most beautiful way, the way that has us most lit up.

We are all born with sparkle in our soul. Sometimes we need to be reminded of this divine spark within us. If you are craving deep and real connection with beautiful souls, this is for you. It’s time for you to SHINE, sweet one!

Join us for the magic of Mallorca!

You will be seen, known, loved, nourished and cared for in a lovely way. 

Think complete relaxation. Rejuvenation. Restoration. Stunning accommodations, nourishing, farm to table meals prepared with so much love, morning practices focused on the. 

A sacred container where you can just be fully present. Fully you.


Join us for an experience of Aligned Abundance: It is time to create your Aligned Abundance Vision.  This is where we will figure out what business model fills you, how you love to work, and what sparks your joy! We will actually create new products, programs, events, experiences for your business that are so aligned and light you up or take a look at what you currently have and how we can create more alignment or deliver them in a new and fresh way. 

We will dive into your overall business identity and structure as well and creating a financial plan and forecast for your business for the next year.  We absolutely LOVE working the numbers and showing you what is truly possible while creating this abundance from a place of true alignment and connection to your soul and how you want to shine in the world. 

This is where we will connect deeply to who you are and how you have shifted in your business and life and how we can bring alignment back into your business so you can show up and lead from a place of deep connection honouring yourself and those you work with and create abundance from that place of truth because money in our bank account means nothing if we are not aligned with how that money was received. We are so excited to share this experience with you!

Welcome to the Soul Sparkle and SHINE Aligned Abundance Experience: 

Meet Your Hosts:

Hayley Hunter Hines is the founder of Soul Sparkle events and experiences and the creator of the Soul Sparkle Collection. She curates magical, moving experiences for women that bottle up and light on fire all things that bring a woman back to her own soul and the sparkle within. She is a spiritual teacher, speaker and author of the forthcoming book “Soul Sparkle Living: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Life." She is a teacher of Kundalini yoga and is one part fun fairy, one part wise sage, and all parts sparkle. She is an expert in the health and well-being industry and has dedicated her life to helping women around the world ignite the spark of magic within, lighting them up from the inside out.

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Chantelle Adams is a Professional Speaker turned Speech Stylist, Storyologist and Courage Igniter — a.k.a. all about helping you gain MASSIVE clarity from your story and then creating a powerful message and platform for you to share it confidently and courageously with the world! She is the creator of Center Stage LIVE and the SHINE LIVE experiences and is a bright light and a courageous visionary.


 Meet us in Mallorca!

May 25-30, 2019

Featuring special guest: Chef Kadu Giacomini

What is included: 

5 nights shared accommodations in the villa

3 gourmet meals per day with snacks available prepared by our personal chef and a very special dinner party experience our last night together.

Transportation to/from Palma International Airport

All Masterclasses, special ceremonies, rituals and special activities

Reservations will be taken first come, first served with deposit made. Payment plan is available. 

Single Occupancy Full Payment: $4250 (Private room and bed)

Double Occupancy Full Payment: $3,250 (Sharing room and queen or king bed)

A portion of all profits from this event go to the Padre Ramos Women’s Collective home building project in Nicaragua. Thank you for helping us support these beautiful women and their new forever homes!

We can't wait to share this experience with you! 

Please note: The Soul Sparkle and SHINE experience Mallorca is non refundable but it is transferable. If for any reason you are unable to attend you can send someone in your place within 30 days notice.

Payment Plan Double Occupancy
Number of payments 2
At checkout$1,625.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 1)$1,675.00 USD
Total $3,300.00 USD

What others have experienced: 

 "This experience will transport and transform you in ways you cannot begin to imagine. Your heart will overflow with love and strength and sisterhood. This experience lets you find your soul sparkle, but even more than that it shows you the sparkling souls of the women around you and the love they can share."

"Being a part of the Soul Sparkle weekend was like having a slumber party with 20 best friends you never knew you had. The connection with each other was immediate and the commonality among us all was uncanny. We played, we laughed, we cried, we danced, and we were loved until our souls sparkled."

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for organizing this ENTIRE experience! We all know Paris, even if we've just seen pictures. But the trip I took with the Soul Sparkle ladies was more than just an overseas trip to Europe, it was SOUL CHANGING. I healed myself. Myself. And most importantly the little girl inside of me. I forgave myself and learned to be patient and set intentions for the future. Thank you for bringing me out of my shell and helping me heal." 

"So far I have spent two weekend retreats with Hayley for the Soul Sparkle experience and am part of her Mastery to Magic program. I'm sure most of you know the importance of attending retreats and events, the right ones that is. It lights your soul up and connects you to another level. It allows the flow of inspiration to come flooding through and what ever else the retreat is actually for.

Working with Hayley is so much more. It is a space where you can feel safe and loved as you release your shadows, your B.S beliefs, release that which does not serve you. It's a space where you can feel loved and adored, at the same time as being fully supported while loving and adoring the being you are. I stepped more into my truth than I have ever done before and this of course was important for me as this is the work I was truly destined to do in the world.

Hayley is truly there, I mean really!!! Hand holding there, "What do you need from me" Is her words. In the space and time we are in, its what I need the most and then we take it from there. How blooming awesome is that, everything worked around what was for me. What was for my highest good.

Some need a bit of structure, yet being adaptable is important for me. I feel in most retreats it's important to tune in and see how your group are doing and shift with that. Hayley does this perfectly, even to the point of seeing the importance of me ridding a curse I had put on myself 20 years prior. A tattoo that had a sad and dark meaning to it, and boom, we found the perfect place, the perfect time, the perfect woman to join us in removing, replacing and allowing more of me and my truth to appear. That shed nearly 10 layers all at once and that was for my highest good. Everything flowed perfectly, of course.

I feel more of me than ever, I feel more ready than ever to serve the women I am called to, my power is unleashed, my truth is unleashed, I feel ready to shine in the world as the women I was always destined to be.
I very much look forward to the continued magic that is happening and waiting to happen as together we have made a life long connection, united bringing transformation, magic and an abundance of love to the world.
Yeah..... I would say the retreats and the Mastery to Magic program with Hayley, are pretty fecking awesome!!" 

"This entire experience was beyond my wildest dreams-which is what I've been needing. To expand my idea of what is possible for my world even as someone who has traveled and does this type of "work" for a living. I needed the powerful reminder and opportunity to shatter my own limiting beliefs. Hayley is the epitome of a magical, ethereal guardian angel-she got me to push past my money barriers and get how completely taken care of I am. Thank God she did, being in Paris was a 25 year dream come! Add that to the hearings I got from the Master Classes and I feel I am going back home a changed woman, but as opposed to transforming into new and unrecognizable, I got to come back home, to the essence that has always been there and just needed permission to come out and play. Whatever is in the way of someone attending a Soul Sparkle Experience, is the very thing that needs to be healed and overcome for our Soul's liberation." -Natalie V

"The Soul Sparkle Paris experience was magical. Connecting with a group of women I had never met seemed like it would be awkward-but it wasn't. After only one day together people we met when we were out as a group thought we had been friends forever! The laughter, the tears, the acceptance was so easy and natural. To bare your soul in such a safe, warm environment is a powerful and freeing experience." Cristy, Oklahoma