Introducing Soul Sparkle Mastermind to Magic. 


Many of us have believed that a life of magic is not available to us.  We think a life of our dreams is for others, but not us.  I want you to know that it is possible and available to all of us.  All of us. And I want to help you create your very own magical life.

One Year. Extraordinary transformation. Exceptional adventures. Deep Soul Work. A stunning sisterhood of support. One part self mastery and one part mystery school.  You will become fearless and confident in your truth, embracing it fully in each area of your life. 

I’m called to work with women who seek to radically embody every facet of their true selves, without apology.  I desire to help you get exceptionally comfortable with asserting your personal power as a feminine leader while remaining in integrity and alignment with your divine purpose, no matter what happens.   

You will learn how to cultivate authentic presence and connect to your deepest source of power.  You will discover how to come into your greatness as a leader in your life and in your work.  You will find out how to stay in alignment with your truth and the desires of your heart and how to become a woman of influence in the loveliest way. 

We will explore the Art & Science of SPARKLE and you will receive training in the magical and sacred rites of passage. You will find your way to life on the magic carpet ride. 

Our purpose for working together is to discover the fullest expression of yourself, your gifts, and your soul.  To discover your passions, your purpose and to birth the work you were born to do in the world.  You are ready to step into the life you have been dreaming of, love. 

You long to feel at ease and peaceful and super sexy in your body.  You want to wake up every day excited about your life, your love, and the legacy you are leaving for the world.  You want to be lit up from the inside out and have the time, freedom and resources to serve in a deeply meaningful way.   

We will activate your deep soul gifts for advocacy, speaking and teaching. We will work with spiritual technologies that will help you surrender to the magic with gratitude and grace.  The light that shines within you is here to dissolve the darkness of ignorance, greed and fear through your radiant embodiment of divine love. 

Mentoring you to reach your highest potential would be my greatest honor, for your participation as a leader in this current global awakening is so vitally important.  

If you are a spiritual revolutionary longing to serve your divine purpose, it’s time. 

Where strategy meets sacred. 

Where success meets spiritual. Join me for what may be the most extraordinary year of your life! 

What you will receive: 


            A gorgeous box full of all your tools you need for creating magic


One session with me each month 1:1


One group connection call per month 


Weekly small group conversations


Access to all my trainings, masterclasses and online events


Ticket to the Soul Sparkle Summit in March, NYC


One SHINE experience in the location of your choice (travel not included)


Your choice of the Soul Sparkle ITALY or Soul Sparkle PARIS experience 2017.  

We will gather in virtual circle in our private Facebook group for daily connection and support

You will also receive special discounts on any additional events you attend as well as the soul sparkle collections.  

Becoming part of a global sisterhood of women committed to creating incredible amounts of magic in the world.


My wish for you is that you live as the blessing you are and that you see the gift you were born to be. That you use your voice to speak your truth, to share your story and to sow the seeds of your unique soul wisdom. It’s your time to shine, sweet one.




"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for organizing this ENTIRE experience! We all know Paris, even if we've just seen pictures. But the trip I took with the Soul Sparkle ladies was more than just an overseas trip to Europe, it was SOUL CHANGING.  I healed myself.  Myself.  And most importantly the little girl inside of me.  I forgave myself and learned to be patient and set intentions for the future.  Thank you for bringing me out of my shell and helping me heal."

"This entire experience was beyond my wildest dreams-which is what I've been needing. To expand my idea of what is possible for my world even as someone who has traveled and does this type of "work" for a living.  I needed the powerful reminder and opportunity to shatter my own limiting beliefs.  Hayley is the epitome of a magical, ethereal guardian angel-she got me to push past my money barriers and get how completely taken care of I am.  Thank God she did, being in Paris was a 25 year dream come! Add that to the hearings I got from the Master Classes and I feel I am going back home a changed woman, but as opposed to transforming into new and unrecognizable, I got to come back home, to the essence that has always been there and just needed permission to come out and play.  Whatever is in the way of someone attending a Soul Sparkle Experience, is the very thing that needs to be healed and overcome for our Soul's liberation." Natalie V

"The Soul Sparkle Paris experience was magical. Connecting with a group of women I had never met seemed like it would be awkward-but it wasn't. After only one day together people we met when we were out as a group thought we had been friends forever! The laughter, the tears, the acceptance was so easy and natural. To bare your soul in such a safe, warm environment is a powerful and freeing experience."

"Just a note of encouragement if you are wondering whether or not to say "yes" to the Soul Sparkle Experience, give your mind, body, and soul the gift of a big fat YES. Regardless of the life situation you find yourself in at the moment, the Soul Sparkle experience will be transformative on every level.  You will be, as I have been, supported, affirmed, celebrated, welcomed, and loved.  You will, as I did, leave with a new or renewed capacity to appreciate yourself and others as perhaps never before.  If you wonder whether it's worth the money and the time away, make it happen. The answer is YES! Jump, sister." Denise S

"I had no idea what to expect from this trip.  I didn't know my soul would be this vulnerable and that my walls would crumble only to expose the beauty of Paris-the beauty of Paris within us all.  I feel rested. Rejuvenated.  Loved. Accepted. Seen. And encouraged.  All the ladies on this trip came from different states, stories, backgrounds, and walks of life, but our common denominator was the raw unfolding of self in a safe and sacred space.  Speaking our stories in front of these ladies was easy and I knew that my words and my tears would fall on the hearts and hands of these women who would hold them for me so that I could release them.  Our story has only just begun." Chriselda R


"This experience will transport and transform you in ways you cannot begin to imagine. Your heart will overflow with love and strength and sisterhood. This experience lets you find your soul sparkle, but even more than that it shows you the sparkling souls of the women around you and the love they can share."

"Being a part of the Soul Sparkle weekend was like having a slumber party with 20 best friends you never knew you had. The connection with each other was immediate and the commonality among us all was uncanny. We played, we laughed, we cried, we danced, and we were loved until our souls sparkled.”


"Hayley has an incredible gift. Her gift is not just seeing the world as a beautiful place, but helping you to see it as such, as well. I had the incredible privilege of hearing Hayley speak live- it changed my life! She taught simple yet profound techniques which will help me keep my mindset where it needs to be going forward. I know for a fact that Hayley's word will live with me forever and will help me achieve the "impact" I was born to make in this world. Thank you, Hayley, for your sweet soul, and genuine caring of others. You are truly a radiant light in this world." 

Stephanie MacKenzie


I learned so much from you! What you showed me is this; there have been many teachers who teach yet it is the way you teach, the way you deliver the message that sticks with a person. I always say, we attract the right people to us that we are meant to work with, that are in alignment with us. 

Your message was beautiful and perfect. Your voice reached us so deeply that instead of being on a piece of paper, in a book, or, even on a video watched now and then, it  plays over and over in my mind in such a beautiful magical way.  You are an inspiration to me; to teach from my heart, in my own unique way, being me- because the right people will resonate, hear, and take in what I have to say or give. 

With warmth in my heart! 


Emma Black

"She brought me the gift of enlightenment and hope, with clarity and strength she spoke words that truly changed my life!

Hayley Hunter Hines you are truly a spiritual gift on this planet...and the universe wouldn't be the same without you in it. You have certainly found your path my friend and I feel blessed having crossed it with you, if only for a moment! You are pure light! Namaste my friend!"


Kristy Sinsara

Our souls can sparkle and our light can shine, love. Sometimes it takes something to help us find our way again. I can’t wait to spend the next year seeing what magic unfolds! 


Hayley Hunter Hines is the Founder of Soul Sparkle, Inc. events and experiences and the creator of the Soul Sparkle Collection. She is an inspirational speaker, spiritual guide and author of the forthcoming book Soul Sparkle Living: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Life.  She is also the host of Soul Sparkle Radio. 

She holds degrees in Nutrition and Health Promotion Management and has twenty years in the corporate well being industry in executive leadership positions. She has consulted with over 200 employers to create health management programs, led strategy, innovation and product management teams for national wellness companies and has been a featured speaker at multiple industry events. Hayley is a prominent expert in her field. 

She has her 200 hour Yoga teacher certification in Kundalini Yoga, 200 hours in Tantra Yoga and 200 hours in Power Flow Yoga. She is also a Certified Raw Food Chef, Certified Health Education Specialist, and a Certified Wellness Program Director from the National Wellness Institute and she is trained in mindfulness and meditation.  

Hayley has been described as being; one part fun fairy and one part wise sage, with all parts sparkle. She has a burning desire to bottle up and light on fire all things magical that bring women back to their own soul and the sparkle within.

Who is this for? 

You feel called to create a Soul Sparkle life full of magic, ease, and grace.


You desire to step into leadership in a lovely and feminine way


You are feeling called to serve the world or feel a “higher calling” but not sure how to do it


You long to show up in your relationships with love, ease, and grace. 


To those whom much is given, much is expected. It’s time to step into your highest potential, sweet one. The world needs your light. 

"Seek out strong women to befriend, to align yourself with, to learn from, to collaborate with, to be inspired by, to support, and be enlightened by..." Madonna


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