Welcome to Soul Sparkle Paris 2020:

A journey into Soul Illumination!

Join me September 24-28, 2020

Join us this fall in the City of LIGHT!

To ignite the light within you so you become a beacon of love and hope for those you are here to serve.

You will fall in love with yourself and your life in a way you didn’t know was available to you.

You will be guided to step into your Sovereign Divinity. To live, love and lead from the sacred space between your divinity and your humanity. The sweet and beautiful center of your SOUL.

This experience is designed to help you remember the truth of who you really are.

We are being called to live our brightest, boldest life like never before!  We are all born with SPARKLE in our SOUL. Sometimes we need to be reminded of this divine spark within us.

We can’t wait to share these moments of magic with you!

Join us for an extraordinary SPARKLE experience in the City of LIGHT!


If you desire to be surrounded by gorgeous souls with with big, beautiful hearts, that inspire you to dream bigger and to follow your heart’s desire this is the place for you, love.  This experience will UNLEASH the sparkle that you have hidden inside! You will leave feeling deeply loved, nourished from the inside out, supported in sisterhood, and fully seen for the BEAUTIFUL soul you are.

It is my wish that you leave feeling connected to your body, heart and soul and that you experience sweet, lasting connection. I fully intend for you to feel loved and embraced by this circle of sisters gathering to see how we can all share our personal brand of magic in the world.  You will be lit up from the inside out and it’s time we ILLUMINATE our life and ultimately the world. We will do everything with SOUL SPARKLE Style and it will be a gorgeous experience! You will experience the incredible culture and cuisine of France, beautiful wine and champagne along with connections that will last a lifetime.

Join us for experience of being seen, known, loved, connected and supported in a way perhaps you never have been before.

It’s time, love. Time for you to experience the life that you have been dreaming of. The life that has been waiting for you! When we trust in our highest dreams and have the courage to manifest them through our life’s work then our purpose nourishes us from deep within us.

When we ignite the gift of this purpose we activate the forces of grace in our life.

This can only occur when we embrace our sparkle and express it through selfless service and unconditional love.

You deserve to manifest the vision you have seen for your life, and to embody your truth in a way that serves the world. It’s time for you to SPARKLE and SHINE, sweet one.


We begin our experience on the 24th at 11 am with a champagne toast at the Saint James Paris Hotel. You will leave your bags, then have the option to choose one of three tours available this morning.

Paris Food and Wine Experience: We will explore one of Paris’s most celebrated market streets, Rue Cler. It is always bustling with locals and tourists alike.  We will spend the morning exploring a popular fromagerie, a celebrated neighborhood boulangerie, a specialty artisanal pâté en croute shop and an well-known patisserie. 

The tour will also include a visit to a famed boucherie and specialty food store, established in 1936, to explore charcuterie. Rue Cler is a magical street and was home to France’s President Macron, before the Élysée Palace. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to sample items along the tour and pick up something to eat or bring with you for later!

Lunch and Lingerie Experience: Is there anything more sparkly than purchasing fabulous panties in Paris? This experience will include a very special guest, then author of “Paris Undressed: The Secret to French Lingerie” and a visit to one of her favorite lingerie shops!

Paris Sights Experience: This is designed for those of you on your first trip to Paris! You will be taken to some of the most famous spots in the city and have lunch on a gorgeous cafe terrace. You will fall in long with the City of Light in a heartbeat!

*please note lunch may not be included in the tours.

We will gather back at the Saint James and then transfer to the stunning Chateau de Poigny just outside of the city. This one-of-a- kind 1825 Historical Mansion was spectacularly restored, decorated and fully furnished in 2007 by World-renown interior designer David Hare. You will absolutely enjoy this calm heaven of luxury to relax and unwind. You will only hear the birds chirping and the church bells ring. The fresh air from the century-old trees in the 3-acre acre park will rejuvenate your lungs and help you sleep deeper than you ever have before!

We can’t wait to share this experience with you! You will arrive on Thursday Afternoon September 24 and get settled into your gorgeous room at the Chateau with a champagne toast upon arrival, with time to prepare for a luxurious and intimate Soul Sparkle Soiree that evening!

This is an elegant gathering of sacred conversations, and sweet collaborations between beautiful souls. It's a lovely way to connect and celebrate the magical lives we are creating, together. This includes gourmet appetizers and the perfect glass of bubbly! Full permission to wear something sparkly!

On Friday 9/25: A beautiful breakfast buffet will be available followed by a Soul Sparkle Session including mindful movement and meditation, you will want to wear something comfortable that allows gentle movement and you feel good in. You will be guided to discover your Soul Sparkle Story and get clarity on your mission and vision. You’ll discover how your story can be used to serve the world and how you can turn your message into magic.

Friday evening you will experience the magic of Soul Sparkle Shakti, the embodied remembrance of the Divine Feminine. Soul Sparkle Shakti is a lovely combination of kundalini yoga, sensual movement, tribal dance, ecstatic dance, guided meditation and deep relaxation. This practice is designed to awaken your inner sparkle and light you up in a new and dynamic way. We will be awakening the divine feminine power within you through movement, meditation and celebration.

On Saturday 9/26: We will begin with a Breakfast buffet followed by a gorgeous Soul Sparkle Session and morning masterclasses followed by lunch at the Chateau. You will learn how to take your story to a whole new level of visibility and impact because when we share our stories, we shine our light!

We will dive deep into discovering your Soul Sparkle Signature Style. You will confidently step on stages or important events with ease and grace, knowing you are always looking and feeling fabulous. Then we will step into our SOVEREIGNTY and the next level of our divine feminine leadership.

Saturday evening we will have the most incredible dinner party you can imagine at our gorgeous chateau! This will be the Soul Sparkle Supper Club experience. This is an amazing three course dinner accompanied with champagne designed to help us cultivate a beautiful relationship with dining as it relates to nourishing ourselves from the inside out. We will explore how to infuse more presence, passion and pleasure into our lives while enjoying a delicious dinner with our personal sommelier and champagne tasting.

Sunday 9/27:

We will begin with a Breakfast buffet followed by a gorgeous Soul Sparkle Session and morning masterclasses followed by lunch at the Chateau. This day will end in full SPARKLE and CELEBRATION. Anchoring the energy and the teachings from our time together, celebrating the SOVEREIGNTY we have stepped into and the beautiful relationships that have been created together. This will be a night to remember, full of ritual and ceremony, blessings and celebration. Think twinkle lights and sparklers. Ball gowns and crowns. French jazz and champagne. Start shopping for your gown, sweet one. This is elegance and grace in an evening of magic and miracles. We are so excited to experience this special evening with you!

Monday 9/28:

We will end our time at the chateau with a fabulous Soul Sparkle Brunch including mimosa bar and a gorgeous closing circle and transfer back to the Saint James Paris Hotel and be complete by 1p.m.


If you need a little more sparkle join us for the VIP Champagne Immersion! You will check into your room at the Saint James Hotel followed by a private tasting at two fabulous champagne houses in Paris with a special dinner experience this evening. On Tuesday morning we will make our way to Epernay and have a gorgeous tasting at the House of Moet & Chandon along with a private tasting at a women owned champagne house followed by lunch at a fabulous local restaurant. We will then make our way back to Paris where we will be complete late afternoon so you can catch your evening flight home.


We can’t wait for you to experience the Saint James. Particular is a word with two meanings, and the Saint James Paris embodies both. Imagined like a famous family's private home, it is an architectural jewel that now welcomes paying guests. A hôtel particular in every way. 

In fact, the Saint James Paris is so special it almost defies definition. Built in the 19th century on the site of Paris’ first aerodrome, it was the neoclassical home of the Thiers Foundation for over a century. Today the Saint James Paris remains an exuberant masterpiece, but more so than ever before. It's a bourgeois estate, a château and an experience to treasure. Where priceless expertise delights every sense.

“The Saint James Paris is much more than an exclusive luxury hotel – it’s an experience.”

The Saint James’s majestic neoclassical façade can be deceiving. Step inside, and you’re now surrounded by the elegant madness of Bambi Sloan. Like in a dream, this unimaginable mix of styles turns temporal and spatial markers on their heads. Here, the Second Empire meets virtually every other decorative period, with inspiration coming from everywhere, while its crowning glory, “Chandelier Chaos”, soars 14 meters overhead.

“Spiritual and striking. The stage is set.”

We will have our final Sparkle Session followed by a fabulous breakfast and closing circle. Our experience together will be complete after breakfast Monday, September 28.

Soul Sparkle PARIS is a carefully curated event: an intentional space of love so you can reconnect with true yourself, your passions, and your long lost soul sisters. Our mission is to create a place for you to share your dreams and receive encouragement and support to help make them come true. Because remember, you CAN have it all.

You have to simply choose it.

It's possible to create a life that feels like a magic carpet ride and we want this for you. Your very own version of a gorgeous and magical life. It can begin here, sweet one.

We are honored to guide you on this journey to finding your sparkle within and can't wait to sparkle with you in the city of LIGHT!


Meet your Host:

Hayley Hunter Hines is the founder of Soul Sparkle events and experiences and the creator of the Soul Sparkle Collection. She curates magical, moving experiences for women that bottle up and light on fire all things that bring a woman back to her own soul and the sparkle within.

She is a spiritual mentor, speaker and author of the forthcoming book “Soul Sparkle Living: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Life." She is a teacher of Kundalini yoga and is one part fun fairy, one part wise sage, and all parts sparkle. She is an expert in the health and well-being industry and has dedicated her life to helping women around the world ignite the spark of magic within, lighting them up from the inside out.

Co Host: April Adams Pertuis

April is a Storytelling Junkie, Writer, Speaker, Journalist. Positive Encourager.
She is the Sparkle behind LIGHTbeamers — a highly engaged community of women who are on a journey to tell their story.  April uses her skills as a writer and video producer to teach others how to tap into their own personal story to shine a positive light in the world. 
 Her motto is “when we share our stories, we shine our light” — and her goal is to have more women rise up and use their voice, and share more openly their journey so that it may inspire others to do the same.


Co Host: Chantelle Adams

Chantelle is a Professional Speaker turned Speech Stylist, Storyologist and Courage Igniter — a.k.a. all about helping you gain MASSIVE clarity from your story and then creating a powerful message and platform for you to share it confidently and courageously with the world! She is the creator of Center Stage LIVE and the SHINE LIVE experiences and is a bright light and a courageous visionary.  You will experience her magic in a story session and be inspired to share your story in a gorgeous and impactful way!


Special Guest: Lana Thomas

Lana is the owner of Voulez Vous photography and passionate about creating gorgeous images that capture the essence and soul of a woman. We are so excited to have Lana with us to capture your magic! During our gorgeous South of France experience the first seven paid in full participants to register will receive a mini portrait session with Lana to capture your inner and outer sparkle! 

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What participants had to say: 

“It was truly a transformative trip. Changed the trajectory of my life. Thank you to Hayley for the vision and courage to make it all happen and to you ladies who made it the amazing journey it was. Paris forever!!!”

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for organizing this ENTIRE experience! We all know Paris, even if we've just seen pictures. But the trip I took with the Soul Sparkle ladies was more than just an overseas trip to Europe, it was SOUL CHANGING.  I healed myself.  Myself.  And most importantly the little girl inside of me.  I forgave myself and learned to be patient and set intentions for the future.  Thank you for bringing me out of my shell and helping me heal."

"This entire experience was beyond my wildest dreams-which is what I've been needing. To expand my idea of what is possible for my world even as someone who has traveled and does this type of "work" for a living.  I needed the powerful reminder and opportunity to shatter my own limiting beliefs.  Hayley is the epitome of a magical, ethereal guardian angel-she got me to push past my money barriers and get how completely taken care of I am.  Thank God she did, being in Paris was a 25 year dream come! Add that to the hearings I got from the Master Classes and I feel I am going back home a changed woman, but as opposed to transforming into new and unrecognizable, I got to come back home, to the essence that has always been there and just needed permission to come out and play.  Whatever is in the way of someone attending a Soul Sparkle Experience, is the very thing that needs to be healed and overcome for our Soul's liberation." Natalie V

"The Soul Sparkle Paris experience was magical. Connecting with a group of women I had never met seemed like it would be awkward-but it wasn't. After only one day together people we met when we were out as a group thought we had been friends forever! The laughter, the tears, the acceptance was so easy and natural. To bare your soul in such a safe, warm environment is a powerful and freeing experience."

"Just a note of encouragement if you are wondering whether or not to say "yes" to the Soul Sparkle Experience, give your mind, body, and soul the gift of a big fat YES. Regardless of the life situation you find yourself in at the moment, the Soul Sparkle experience will be transformative on every level.  You will be, as I have been, supported, affirmed, celebrated, welcomed, and loved.  You will, as I did, leave with a new or renewed capacity to appreciate yourself and others as perhaps never before.  If you wonder whether it's worth the money and the time away, make it happen. The answer is YES! Jump, sister." Denise S

"I had no idea what to expect from this trip.  I didn't know my soul would be this vulnerable and that my walls would crumble only to expose the beauty of Paris-the beauty of Paris within us all.  I feel rested. Rejuvenated.  Loved. Accepted. Seen. And encouraged.  All the ladies on this trip came from different states, stories, backgrounds, and walks of life, but our common denominator was the raw unfolding of self in a safe and sacred space.  Speaking our stories in front of these ladies was easy and I knew that my words and my tears would fall on the hearts and hands of these women who would hold them for me so that I could release them.  Our story has only just begun." Chriselda R

What this experience includes:


Four nights accommodation at a luxurious chateau just outside of Paris

Meals Included:

- Welcome Sparkle Reception on arrival on Thursday evening

-Friday: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at the Chateau

- Saturday: Breakfast and lunch

-Sunday Brunch at the Chateau

Soul Sparkle Soul Sparkle Sovereign Celebration dinner experience

Also included

- All workshops and events each day. 

Transportation from the Saint James to the Chateau and back to Saint James

Not Included:

- Any meals not specified above

- Additional tours or tickets not specified

-Airport transfers and transportation inside the city are not included

Investment for Pre Publication Rates:

Triple Room Rate: $2997 (3 rooms available, 9 spots total)

Double Room Rate: $3997 (4 rooms available, 8 spots total)

Private Room Rate: $4997 (4 rooms available)

Champagne Immersion: $1250 (7 spots available)

One night shared accommodations at the Saint James Paris

Gorgeous champagne dinner in Paris

Day trip to Epernay for tour and tastings at Moet & Chandon

Lunch in Epernay

Transfer back to the Saint James for departure

Portrait Session Available with Lana and booked separately. These are booked on first come basis and space is limited.

Please note: Registration for Soul Sparkle Paris is non-refundable, however it IS transferrable. If for any reason you are unable to attend, you can send someone in your place. Schedule is tentative and may be modified to include even more magic and sparkle! We reserve the right to modify itinerary for the highest and best experience of the group.

Space is limited to so if you feel called to join us go ahead and reserve your spot. So excited to share this experience with you!

Soul Sparkle Paris Triple Rate Pay in Full: $2500

Soul Sparkle Paris Double Rate Pay in Full: $3500

Soul Sparkle Paris Private Room Pay in Full: $4500

Soul Sparkle Paris Triple Rate Payment Plan: 11 Payments of $273

Soul Sparkle Paris Double Rate Payment Plan: 11 Payments of $364

Soul Sparkle Paris Private Room Payment Plan: 11 Payments of $455