Soul Sparkle Interview with Nadine Crespo

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Nadine Crespo is a Leadership, Performance & Strategist that helps female entrepreneurs set themselves apart as industry leaders.   As a Behavior Analyst and former Peak Performance Strategist for Tony Robbins she thoroughly understands human behavior, motivation and the key ingredients that take someone from average to highly sought out. Nadine has her degrees in Psychology, Organizational Leadership and Applied Behavior Analysis, along with certifications in Work Group Discussions, Contemplative Practices for Business Owners, and NLP.  She has studied and worked on a global platform and loves connecting and empowering women.  

This week's episode of Soul Sparkle Radio has us talking about self judgment, support, and creating a life that supports your lifestyle.

Some of the highlights from my conversation with Nadine:

  • Traditional 9 to 5 may not be working - finding ways to create revenue that allows you to support your lifestyle or spend more time with family

  • Support for mom’s - honing in on yourself as a mom so you can be there for your children

  • Not judging ourselves for doing or being enough or not being a perfect role model

  • Being real and feeling like we are worthy - less doing and more being

  • Self care and filling our own cup so we can be there for others

Nadine helps female entrepreneurs that need to find their voice and hone their skills so that they deliver exceptional results to their clients and set themselves apart as industry leaders.  By using proven methods she helps clients to transform from playing it safe to arriving and standing in their power that makes them both unique and highly sought out.  She specializes in tailoring plans that work for clients that transcend both their personal and professional life; no one deserves to be put in a one size fit all plan! You can learn more at


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Thank you so much for tuning into another inspiring interview and special thanks to our guest Nadine Crespo for reminding us of our intentions and that it takes a village. See you next week, loves!