Abundance, Freedom, and Service with Lindsay Padilla

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Dr. Lindsay Padilla is a teaching + learning consultant for trailblazing entrepreneurs who want to create value-packed, student-centered digital content that get their clients (students) A+ results, while making a lasting impact on the world! Using her years of teaching adults online at a community college and the ridiculous amount of learning she has done in all things education, she specializes in translating 1:1 client work experiences into signature courses, group programs + membership sites, as well as mapping out instructional content into a conversion machine that she lovingly calls the "Teach First Funnel." You can find Lindsay on Facebook at The Teacher’s Lounge for Entrepreneurs at http://fb.com/groups/teachersloungeforcc/ OR on her Facebook Business Page at http://fb.com/lindsaympadilla 

This week's episode of Soul Sparkle Radio covers shifting our mindset to infinite possibilities when it comes to abundance and service. 

Some of the highlights from my conversation with Lindsay: 

  • Being in control of your life as opposed to in service of an institution
  • How do we help in times of disaster and having critical awareness of our service
  • Creating more freedom and abundance to do more good in the world



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Thank you so much for tuning into another inspiring interview and special thanks to our guest Lindsay Padilla for her commitment to freedom and creating massive change in the world. See you next week, loves!