Ash Ahern: Tapping Into Your Brilliance


Ever wonder how to tap into your brilliance?


Ash Ahern shares how to do it in this episode…


Our Guest:


Ash Ahern is an International Speaker, Money Mindset and Fulfillment Coach, and Chief Expansionist at #theExpansionProject.  She shares her story as a struggling entrepreneur from the financial industry to becoming a successful business coach on stages in schools, churches, and business seminars, workshops and conferences.

Her message is one of faith, perseverance and surrender. Today she coaches men and women how to start or grow businesses by tapping into their bliss, getting clarity in their vision, discovering their authentic brand, ditching the hustle and embracing creative flow, inner divine power and self care.

It has been a passion of Ash's to travel the world, and connecting with other cultures while giving back. #theExpansionProject is the culmination of the creative bliss Ash teaches to the people she serves.  Ash and her childhood sweetheart, Jonathan, have 3 daughters and call Calgary, Canada home


Quick Preview of the Podcast:

·      How to find your way to your true path

·      The magic that happens when you surrender to the outcome

·      Giving yourself permission to step into the fullest expression of your soul

·      What feels light is right and how your body tells you the right next step

How giving back can be part of your business model and the next paradigm of women’s leadership.

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