Soul Sparkle Radio Interview with Emma Black

Ever wonder how to create a life you absolutely love?


Emma Black shares how to do it in this episode…


Our Guest: Emma Black


Emma is a transformational LOVE guide, Founder of Positive Power Healing Ltd., and a mother to six boys living a life she truly loves and adores in Scotland.
Emma’s goal is to inspire Women to RISE UP into their own power and achieve everything their heart desires. She mentors, supports, and guides them to loving & embracing who they are, living a life they love and adore to live, while also helping them find TRUE LOVE.

She healed herself tremendously by embarking on this personal development and self-discovery journey. The more she healed and learned, the more she felt called to help other women overcome the same struggles that she endured.

Emma loves the blending of the Spiritual, Psychology, and Science based teachings to bring harmony and balance in our lives. To connect to the vibration of LOVE, Love heals all wounds and unlocks the doors to allow your hearts desires.


Quick Preview of the Podcast:

-Why self love is the foundation of a life you love

-How you can overcome your struggles and obstacles and RISE

-It is never too late to step into the life that is waiting for you


Learn how to trust yourself and transform into the most beautiful version of you.


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