Being Courageous with Suzanne Hanna

This week's episode of Soul Sparkle Radio...  With the founder and creator of the Wilderness Walk, Suzanne Hanna! 

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Suzanne Hanna is a healer, visionary, writer, and inspirational speaker. She has helped hundreds of men and women move through their fear and pain as a way to live a more inspired and wholehearted life. Suzanne is the founder and creator of The Wilderness Walk, an experiential hero’s journey through the darkness and fear of the inner mind and the pain of the wounded heart in order to help others integrate ALL aspects of their being; both light and dark. She has recently ignited a Healing Revolution through her non-profit organization Global Healing Collective. Her mission is to bring together heart centered individuals and businesses who are committed to healing themselves and the world.

Some of the highlights from my conversation with Suzanne:

  • Her journey to creating her non-profit, The Global Healing Collective

  • Why she decided to hike over 1,000 miles with her Golden Retriever

  • How 20 seconds of courage is all it takes to create a shift

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