Makenna Johnston: The Practical Side of Magic

How do you make magic real?

Makenna Johnston has been doing it over and over again in her clients and own life.  Learn her secrets…

Our Guest:

Makenna is an artist.  First and foremost.  She paints with words, travels by writing, breathes by cooking, lives by coaching, and dances with watercolor.

Makenna paved her way in the world of corporate, managing the most lucrative and largest ad spend funnel in the world (she did a bang up job on it, by the way).  From corporate to academia, she was a professor at three colleges by the age of 26.  A force of nature, with millions of dollars of revenue attached to her coaching/consulting she is the queen of pragmatic business acumen mixed heartily with heart-centered coaching.    

She runs the Courageous Cooking School at La Pitchoune, is the founder of  I Wrangle Unicorns (coaching for the magic makers/multi-passionate creatives/and more), and is the author of The Intention Generation.

When she’s not entrepreneur-ing she can be found cooking, studying for her esoteric PhD, drinking craft beer, playing rugby, or teaching/skiing at Beaver Creek Resort.  (And no…She doesn’t work a gazillion hours a week).

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Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • How to overcome adversity and stay in your truth.  
  • Combining the practical steps of magic with the fairy dust
  • Great advice for “multi passionate” entrepreneurs

Discover the practical side of magic with Makenna Johnston

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