Paige Filliater: Dream A Little Bigger

Are you ready to dream a little bigger, love?

Paige Filliater can help you get there. 

Our Guest:

Paige Filliater is a digital marketer who uses savvy and seductive sales strategies and energy work to co-create six and seven figure businesses with her fiercely feminine clients. Paige became a mompreneur in October 2015 and made her first six figures 5 months later. In 2016, she surpassed $500,000 in wealth creation for her herself and her clients combined. Numbers she lovingly nudges her clients to talk about openly and honestly in a crusade to normalize wealth.

She is known for her irreverent brand, bold personality, loyal tribe and fierce dedication to her clients successes. When she’s not in her studio, you can find her LIVE (almost) every day in her private FB group, Baby Got Brand.

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • Learn how to discover your gifts that light you up
  • How to allow your life to evolve as you grow and change
  • Learn ways to stay in alignment with your truth

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