Tracy Timberlake: Take your message to the world

Are you ready to bring your message to more people?

Tracy Timberlake can help you get there.

Our Guest:

Tracy started making videos on her bathroom floor. Today, Tracy is an award winning Beauty Vlogger and Video Visibility Expert. She has worked with big brands like L'Oreal, Marc Jacobs, and Cosmopolitan Magazine, but now she works with entrepreneurs helping them increase brand visibility, credibility and profitability with power of video! When she is not coaching or talking to a camera lens you can find her nose in a book. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership. Her area of research: Female Entrepreneurship of course!

Quick Preview of the Podcast:

  • Learn the power of the “visibility effect”
  • How to overcome your fear of being seen
  • Why using video to share your message is so impactful

Learn how to take your message to the world with video

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