Soul Sparkle Radio Interview with Emma Black

Ever wonder how to create a life you absolutely love?


Emma Black shares how to do it in this episode…


Our Guest: Emma Black


Emma is a transformational LOVE guide, Founder of Positive Power Healing Ltd., and a mother to six boys living a life she truly loves and adores in Scotland.
Emma’s goal is to inspire Women to RISE UP into their own power and achieve everything their heart desires. She mentors, supports, and guides them to loving & embracing who they are, living a life they love and adore to live, while also helping them find TRUE LOVE.

She healed herself tremendously by embarking on this personal development and self-discovery journey. The more she healed and learned, the more she felt called to help other women overcome the same struggles that she endured.

Emma loves the blending of the Spiritual, Psychology, and Science based teachings to bring harmony and balance in our lives. To connect to the vibration of LOVE, Love heals all wounds and unlocks the doors to allow your hearts desires.


Quick Preview of the Podcast:

-Why self love is the foundation of a life you love

-How you can overcome your struggles and obstacles and RISE

-It is never too late to step into the life that is waiting for you


Learn how to trust yourself and transform into the most beautiful version of you.


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Soul Sparkle Radio Interview with Chantelle Adams

Quick Preview of the Podcast:
-How your work in the world creates a ripple of magic
-How facing your fears and being brave inspires others
-Take inspired action and trust that things always work out for you

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Chantelle Adams is a Professional Speaker, Speech Stylist and Courage Igniter. She has delivered over 800 speeches and added more than 6 figures to her business through speaking. Now she teaches women entrepreneurs how to own their story and have the courage to share it while turning their message into a movement! She is also all about helping you live and lead with courage and has started a The Courage Collective to support the movement of women's voices being heard around the world!,,

Ash Ahern: Tapping Into Your Brilliance


Ever wonder how to tap into your brilliance?


Ash Ahern shares how to do it in this episode…


Our Guest:


Ash Ahern is an International Speaker, Money Mindset and Fulfillment Coach, and Chief Expansionist at #theExpansionProject.  She shares her story as a struggling entrepreneur from the financial industry to becoming a successful business coach on stages in schools, churches, and business seminars, workshops and conferences.

Her message is one of faith, perseverance and surrender. Today she coaches men and women how to start or grow businesses by tapping into their bliss, getting clarity in their vision, discovering their authentic brand, ditching the hustle and embracing creative flow, inner divine power and self care.

It has been a passion of Ash's to travel the world, and connecting with other cultures while giving back. #theExpansionProject is the culmination of the creative bliss Ash teaches to the people she serves.  Ash and her childhood sweetheart, Jonathan, have 3 daughters and call Calgary, Canada home


Quick Preview of the Podcast:

·      How to find your way to your true path

·      The magic that happens when you surrender to the outcome

·      Giving yourself permission to step into the fullest expression of your soul

·      What feels light is right and how your body tells you the right next step

How giving back can be part of your business model and the next paradigm of women’s leadership.

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Paige Filliater: Dream A Little Bigger

Are you ready to dream a little bigger, love? Paige Filliater can help you get there.

Our Guest: "I worked hard for my degree from the School of Life, where classes consisted of learning everything the hard way, breaking every rule and barely graduating from HS because I was SO bored with it, I just didn’t show up."

Julie Santiago: Living Your Truth

Are you ready to live your truth?

Our Guest: Julie Santiago is a former Wall Street Trader turned writer, speaker, teacher and guide for women who are ready to break out of the box and start living their Truth.


Makenna Johnston: The Practical Side of Magic

How do you make magic real?

Makenna Johnston has been doing it over and over again in her clients and own life.  Learn her secrets…

Donald Montgomery: The Magic of Service

What does a life of service truly look like?

Donald Montgomery is a living example and in this episode you’ll learn the magic of service.

Alionka Polanco: Finding your passion

Are you ready to find your passion?!

Alionka Polanco can get you there! 

Alionka Polanco is an inspirational speaker and personal life coach for female leaders who want to change the world through their brilliance. Through her own live events, coaching packages, and virtual training programs, Alionka lives to inspire you to live the life of your dreams so that you can make a tremendous impact on the world - all in a way that feels divinely inspired, soul aligned, and utterly effortless.


Things Always Work Out For Us!

Rebecca Matias: How to Create a Feminine Fortune

Are you ready to claim your power as an abundance woman?

Rebecca breaks down how in this inspiring episode…

Our Guest: Rebecca Matias

Rebecca Matias is an intuitive business coach, author and inspirational speaker who supports passionate, high-achieving women entrepreneurs eliminate the patterns and subconscious beliefs that hold them back, so they can break through to their next level of success. Rebecca takes a fierce, laser-focused approach to helping women create 6-7 figure businesses and lives they love because she believes that “when women are financially empowered, the world changes for the better.” Rebecca is a proud mother of two amazing boys and is committed to rocking her life out in every area to live her highest potential.


Cameo Gore Mucha: How to Manifest Magic

Ever wonder how to manifest magic?

Cameo breaks it down in this enlightening episode…

Our Guest: Cameo Gore Mucha

Cameo Gore is a Lifestyle and Business Success Coach helping entrepreneurs impact the world using their gifts and talents. She has helped hundreds through her 1:1 coaching & healing, The Manifesting Miracles Radio Show, as well as her retreats. Cameo believes in following your life purpose to create a freedom filled lifestyle while working with soulmate clients. With 20 years of leadership and business experience, a background in energy healing, and a Certified Shamanic Healer, Cameo helps her clients laser focus on their talents and gifts and uncovers the greater vision of who they are really meant to be in the world.

Are You Ready For Magic?

You’ve heard me talk about “creating a magical life” and today I’m sharing my favorite tips on how to create more magic in your own life!

In this episode, I’m giving you three tools and tips that I’ve used myself and with my clients to call in a life of more ease, grace and magic and how you can begin using them today to call in the desires of your heart.  

Elizabeth DiAlto: Untaming Your Life

Ready to get out of your head and into your body? Elizabeth DiAlto breaks it down here in this special episode.

Elizabeth is here to create an experience that turns your relationship with yourself into one of the most wild, passionate love affairs of your lifetime.

She is the creator of Wild Soul Movement,  a grounded and loving practice designed to get you out of your head and into your body. She meets you where you are and guides you to where you want to be.