Join me for an extraordinary deep dive into opening the Seven Sacred Seals, the mystical and esoteric teachings that allow us to step into the highest vision of ourselves and what is possible for our lives.  

Each week we will dive into one of the seven seals and will focus on clearing and healing the chakra, receiving sacred activations and sacred soul alignments to purify and sanctify each of the seven bodies. At the end of each class you will receive the transmission to open a sacred seal, an initiation of divine grace.

The purpose of these initiations is to attune ourselves to the light within. To sanctify our hearts, souls and spirit. To become light bringers and light bearers. Illumination in the most beautiful form.  

The teachings incorporate The Way of Love taught by Jesus along with the teachings of Buddha and other wise sages with the main focus of the Sacred feminine of unconditional love, the deepest truth along with the teachings of Mary Magdalene and the consciousness she brings us, reminding us of the truth of who we are, pure Divine love. 

The elements of the teaching include: 

Kundalini yoga practice: This form of yoga has been described as the technology of happiness.  The place where the scientific meets the spiritual creating an extraordinary feeling of peace and grace. Over the 7 weeks we will be crafting a Sadhana specifically designed to support this new frequency of love and light and each week we will add another element of the Sacred Seals Sadhana.

Sacred Soul Alignments: 

Soul Alignments have the power to activate AND clear. The Alignments clear negative energies and activate the cells, DNA, Sacred Geometry (essentially Sacred Universal Patterns of creation) and various energies depending on each, specific Alignment.  

Being healed by Sacred Soul Alignments is also healing for other people on the planet who are ready to accept the healing, because we are all connected, and these energies are clearing on the Collective level. Created by Elisia Hartzell, these alignments are incredibly powerful and highly impactful.

Sacred Seals are an energetic transmission and attunement, and each session will be an initiation, activation, and sacred ceremony. By stepping onto this spiritual journey you will be not only creating the deepest transformation for yourself and your life but also those you love the most and helping bring more love and light into the world. We would love for you to join us if you feel called.  

What others are saying: 

"Beautifully executed workshop. I could listen to Hayley's angelic voice endlessly.  The day was super soft, graceful and supportive executing this magical mystical workshop of chakra energy work and kundalini fusion."

"Hayley’s intensive workshop Seven Soul Sacred Seals, frequently held on the island of Mallorca, has drawn participants from all over the world. This is an immersive experience to activate and initiate your deepest soul expression on earth.

Many people who once lived as seers, mystics, wise ones and healers carry past life trauma of persecution for using these gifts. This can stay in the cellular soul memory and create fears that inhibit revealing and using those gifts openly.

In this workshop, Hayley’s intention is to support your rising into personal divine masculine and feminine mission, with the courage to live openly as the Light that you are. She will assist you in actively bringing your spiritual gifts out into the world with confidence, courage and clarity."


7 week video based course $777 including PDF's and guided meditations with recordings of each one of the activations and attunements so you can listen as often as you desire.