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We were born to sparkle and we were born to shine, love.  The more I can help you see who you are and find what lights you up the more incredible work we will all do in the world.  

Soul Sparkle Shine is an opportunity for us to help you rediscover the sparkle within.  To help you release the things that are no longer serving you and to help you create a magical life that you absolutely love. 

We will spend a beautiful weekend together at a premier hotel in San Francisco.  The first part of our time together is a personally tailored experience customized specifically for you and your needs.  We will connect in advance to get really clear on what we want to accomplish during our time together and will allow me to plan the perfect experience for you!  

What you can expect: You will be my special guest on Thursday evening at the San Francisco Soul Sparkle Soiree in the Starlight Room at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel.  This is a sweet and sacred gathering of beautiful soul sisters.   It's a lovely way to connect and celebrate the magical lives we are creating, together. You and I will then have an elegant dinner following the soiree with a small intimate group. 

We will begin Friday morning with incredible spa cuisine and yoga practice.  I’ll share my favorite tools and tips to create more sparkle from the inside out by adding new habits to your daily routine.  We will craft a beautiful new self-care program that will set you up for success for your soul sparkle lifestyle.  

I’ll guide you through a personal kundalini yoga class and craft a special practice for you based on what you desire to call in.  I’ll work with you to create a “magical manifesto” where we explore and draft your vision for your very own magical life.  We can explore relationships, business ideas, home and sacred space, health and wellbeing, spiritual practice, etc. Whatever your heart desires.  

We will have a beautiful lunch followed by a special ceremony that will help to anchor your desires and dreams, again very personalized for you in support of your new sparkly self.  With this lovely ritual and ceremony we will work on releasing the things that are blocking you from having the life you want and clear things that are no longer serving you. 

You will be my special guest/VIP for the Thrive in SF event! (  Thrive is a movement of women from all over the country that will be gathering together to uplevel their lives, create more meaningful connection, play bigger in their business and let more love in.  There will be inspirational speakers and opportunities to connect in very special ways.  I'll be speaking at this event and we will also be featuring the full Soul Sparkle Collection and Jewelry Line.  

You will leave this weekend feeling lit up, inspired and ready to shine like the supernova you are.  You will have a beautiful golden bag full of magic, a journal to document your journey, a customized morning sadhana practice and a daily self care plan along with a magical manifesto so you can keep calling in all that you desire.  We will also have a follow up calls to make sure you are still on track and talk about anything that might be showing up for you.  

Your investment of $2997 for the Soul Shine Experience includes: 

 *Consultation one hour in advance of your Shine weekend experience.  

*Accommodations of 3 Nights at the Park 55 Hotel in San Francisco. 

*Soiree Thursday evening, all meals on Friday, all meals Saturday, and Breakfast Sunday. 

*Soul Sparkle Collection bag and spa line

*Soul Sparkle Journal

*Soul Sparkle Signature Bracelet

*Follow up call at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and again at 60 days.   

You will need to bring an open heart and mind, and a lovely white outfit along with comfortable clothes you can move in.  

I’m so excited to share this magical experience with you! It's important to make sure we are a good fit so if you feel called to share this weekend experience with me you can email to schedule a time for us to chat.  If it feels light we will move forward with scheduling your Soul Sparkle Shine weekend of magic! So much love, xo