Soul Sparkle Shakti


Soul Sparkle Shakti


Introducing Soul Sparkle SHAKTI. 

I am so excited for this new offering!! Think connection, candlelight, sisterhood, and a sweet, deep connection to your body and soul.

This evening experience is a lovely combination of Kundalini Yoga, sensual movement, tribal/ecstatic dance, guided meditation and deep relaxation. 

This practice is designed to awaken your inner sparkle and light you up in a new and dynamic way. Sacred. Sensual. Soulful. Stunning. 

Come spend an evening awakening the divine feminine power within you through movement, meditation and sweet celebration. 

We will conclude our beautiful evening with incredible gourmet appetizers, chocolate truffles, and a champagne toast. 

Following the workshop you are invited to join us for Soul Sparkle SOUL, an intimate performance with singer/songwriter Ian McCartor, fireside at La Costa. 

So excited to share this experience with you! 

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