If you are a woman who seeks to radically embody every facet of your true self, without apology, join us. My hearts desire is to help you get exceptionally comfortable in your personal power as a feminine leader while remaining in integrity and alignment with your divine purpose always, in all the ways.

Experience Seven gorgeous days in a 17th Century Chateau in the most beautiful part of France.

It's time, sweet ones. To become a beacon of light and the embodiment of unconditional love and grace.

There is a sacred convergence happening, loves. A coming together of souls on the path of love, your soul tribe, your new community of sweet sisters ready to make the journey with you!

We are being called together, to lift each other into greater levels of unconditional love. to release fear and open our hearts and fill our souls with the HOLY FIRE for the purpose we were created to fulfill. It’s time to unlock the keys to your kingdom, sweet one.

A deep dive into the Mystical and Esoteric teachings of the Seven Sacred Seals.

Mastery of the Seven Steps to Sovereignty.

Think champagne and sisterhood. Sparklers and Twinkle Lights. Ball Gowns and Crowns.

To live, love, and lead from the beautiful and sacred space between your divinity and your humanity.

It’s time for you to REIGN.


Now, more than ever, the world needs you. We need the fullest expression of your shining heart and beautiful soul. To walk into rooms and emanate love and grace. To tap into the magic that is available to you and become a lighthouse to those that need you. This is the time to step into your Sovereignty.

Join us for an experience of a lifetime.

An experience of being seen, known, loved, connected and supported in a way perhaps you never have been before. It’s time, love.

Time for you to experience the life that you have been dreaming of. The life that has been waiting for you!

When we trust in our highest dreams and have the courage to manifest them through our life’s work then our purpose nourishes us from deep within us.

When we ignite the gift of this purpose we activate the forces of grace in our life.

This can only occur when we embrace our inner nobility and express it through selfless service and unconditional love.

You deserve to manifest the vision you have seen for your life, and to embody your truth in a way that serves the world. It’s time for you to RISE and SHINE, sweet one.


We're not meant to do it alone.

 We are welcoming in a new paradigm of women that truly support each other. TRUE support. Like the kind of sisterhood that we have all been craving our whole lives. the kind there you know with certainty that you are seen. You are known. You are loved. You are supported. Where there is nothing but love and celebration when you create something amazing and support when you need help making it happen.  

It's possible to create a life that feels like a magic carpet ride and we want this for you. Your very own version of a gorgeous and magical life. It can begin here, sweet one.


Seven Days. Extraordinary transformation. One Exceptional Adventure. Deep Soul Work.

A stunning sisterhood of support.  

You are a channel of grace, darling. Your divine nature is a living, holy expression of the greater love within. It’s time to surrender into the love that is leading you into your divine destiny. It’s time for you to live your purpose, experience your sacred power and reside in the perfection of your divine loving heart.


*You will learn the Seven Steps to Sovereignty and how to live, love and lead from the sacred space between your divinity and humanity.

*You will experience the blessing of the ancient teaching of the Seven Sacred Seals, a mystical transmission that invites us to transmute the karma in our daily lives with a new intensity of awareness. Each of these Seals opens us up to a celestial frequency – an aspect of an evolution far higher than ours.

*You will learn how to cultivate authentic presence and connect to your deepest source of power, stepping into your Soul Centered Leadership. Learning to live, love and lead from the center of your soul.

*You will receive dozens of Sacred Soul Alignments that harness the energy to connect with God/Spirit/the Creator to heal, clear blockages, find the right path and walk that path.  These are powerful sacred energies that will clear hundreds and thousands of beliefs, outdated oaths and vows, trapped emotions, negative patterns, throughout all levels from this lifetime, and all other lifetimes, timelines and dimensions, from the DNA (where we have inherited up to 7 generations back) and from the Collective of all.

*We will explore the Art & Science of SPARKLE and you will receive magical, sacred rites of passage. You will find your way to the life you have been dreaming of, love.

Our purpose for this journey is to discover the fullest expression of yourself, your gifts, and your soul. To discover your passions, your purpose and to birth the work you were born to do in the world.

You are ready to step into the life you have been dreaming of, love!

This experience begins the moment you say YES to this new way of living and loving. You will be invited to join us each month for the next Seven months.

We begin our journey on 11/11.

Each month for the next seven months we will gather virtually, focusing on one of the steps to Sovereignty, receive the healing of the Sacred Soul Alignments and connect with each other in our private Facebook group.

You will receive very special elements of the Soul Sparkle Sovereign Collection to support you in embodying the teachings and they will be absolutely magical!

Join us for an extraordinary live experience at the Starburst Center of Les Chaplains here in the gorgeous wine region of France the first week of June for Seven days of connection, celebration, transformation and the embodiment of your sovereignty with a gorgeous evening dressed in ball gowns and crowns.

There will be ceremony and ritual. Champagne and sparklers. You will be surrounded by beautiful hearts and souls that will become sweet soul friends for life.

You will dine on incredible cuisine with meals created almost exclusively from our own organic garden and drink amazing wines from the vineyard right here at the chateau.


This is a unique and holy hybrid of an extraordinary experience along with powerful teachings designed for your self mastery and highest service to the world. 

Experience deep connections with a group of beautiful and amazing women. Connections that run deeper than surface level. You long to be seen, supported, accepted, and deeply loved. You want to be surrounded by visionaries and kind souls that inspire you to dream big and to follow your heart.  This is the place for you.

This getaway will unleash the sparkle that you have hidden inside and you will leave feeling deeply loved, nourished from the inside out, supported in sisterhood, and fully seen for the beautiful soul you are. You will also have an incredibly soul filling experience in the beautiful Wine Region of France.

We fully intend for you to feel loved and supported by this circle of sisters gathering together for this very special experience.


If you are a dreamer, a light bringer, a magic maker, an adventure seeker, a love giver, come. If you are a woman with a big heart and big dreams, come. We are gathering together as a collective of women and I would love for you to join us if you feel called.

Join us for an experience of Sisterhood and Celebration!

Our Itinerary: June 1-8, 2019. Our home for the week is Les Chapelains, a stunning chateau and we know you will absolutely love this beautiful space!

Arrive at the Bordeaux International Airport, please plan to arrive by 2 p.m. on arrival day and transfer to the Les Chapelains in Sainte Foy La Grande.  We will get settled into our rooms at the chateau and then gather for a champagne toast and Soul Sparkle Soiree poolside during the magic hour.  


This is an elegant gathering of sweet and sacred conversations, and collaborations between beautiful souls. It's a lovely way to connect and celebrate the magical lives we are creating, together. This includes fabulous wines and cheeses plus the perfect glass of bubbly! The soiree will be followed by our opening circle and dinner at the chateau.

Daily Schedule: We will start each morning with kundalini yoga, meditation and sacred activations and a beautiful breakfast of gorgeous croissants and coffee, fruit, yogurt, eggs of your choice, a variety of cereals and juices, herbal teas. 

Magic Masterclasses: Each day we will focus on a different element of the Seven Steps to Sovereignty and the Invocations of the Seven Sacred Seals along with beautiful experiences to help you anchor these into your daily life. After our morning masterclasses we will a gourmet lunch and you will have a few hours free for you to relax by the pool, take a walk in the vineyard or do whatever your heart desires.

Our evening activities will include the stunning SOUL SPARKLE SHAKTI experience.  Soul Sparkle Shakti is a lovely combination of kundalini yoga, sensual movement, tribal dance, ecstatic dance, guided meditation and deep relaxation. This practice is designed to awaken your inner sparkle and light you up in a new and dynamic way.  We will be awakening the divine feminine power within you through movement, meditation and celebration. There will be special ceremonies and ritual as we support each other in this magical unfolding. Optional activities include yoga classes, French cooking classes, Massage and Healing sessions (available at an additional fee) Wine tasting experience, visit to the local village market and working in the cooperative garden.


Sacred Soul Alignments are powerful sacred energies that have the power to clear hundreds and thousands of oaths, vows, contracts, trapped emotions, negative patterns throughout this lifetime and other lifetimes for you and generations before and after you.  These activations can help you begin your magical journey to a happy, healthy, prosperous life and a powerful contributor to global peace and love and support you in living in the fullest expression of yourself and your soul. We will immerse ourselves in the essence and energy of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Joan of Arc, and the embodiment of Divine Feminine Leadership.

Soul Sparkle SOVEREIGN Supper Club Experience: This will be an extraordinary evening to remember, full of ceremony and celebration, dressed in Ball Gowns and Crowns, champagne and chocolate fountains and extraordinary cuisine. You will receive an initiation and coronation ceremony that will be remembered for a lifetime.

What’s included:

*Seven nights/Eight Days at a 17th century chateau, shared accommodations

*All your meals created with love from our private chef, snacks and drinks with meals, very special Soul Sparkle Soiree upon arrival and extraordinary Soul Sparkle Sovereign dinner party experience our last evening together.

*Daily masterclasses, meditation, yoga, ceremonies, a private wine tasting experience with our personal vigneron.

*SPECIAL SPARKLING BONUS: 7 group calls, private Facebook group, weekly fb live teaching, special magical elements from the Soul Sparkle Sovereign Collection each month. In preparation for our time together in France, we will begin our journey in November. 7 months of connecting and supporting each other, and experiencing the teachings we will be diving into deeply during our time together.

What’s not included:

* Air transportation and transportation to/from the Bordeaux airport.


Reserve Your Spot Here:

SOVEREIGN Experience Pay in Full: $4997*

SOVEREIGN Payment Plan: $727 per month available until November 7, 2018

*If you are interested in a 1:1 personal mentorship during the 7 month journey please reach out to [email protected] for additional information.

Meet Your Host: Hayley Hunter Hines

Hayley Headshot 2 (small).jpg

Hayley Hunter Hines is the Founder of Soul Sparkle, Inc. events and experiences and the creator of the Soul Sparkle Collection. She is an inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, sacred soul alignments certified practitioner and author of the forthcoming book Soul Sparkle Living: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Life. She is also the host of Soul Sparkle Radio and leads magical, moving experiences for women around the world.


About Les Chapelains: Les Chapelains has been part of the Charlot family history since the 17th century. This beautiful spot has seen generations making food, making wine, making a loving environment for all the people, who have passed through. So sure were Pierre and Marisol that this would be the location for an eco-community. Here the story begins...

 In 2007, Marisol had the vision that the old chateau building would one day be part of a spiritual and eco-community. This vision grew in their hearts and minds over the years: their dream would come true.

 2012 was a pivotal moment, when Pierre decided to sell the family vineyard, the only means to create this divine centre. Of course the right person came straight away. This was a huge step; one of destiny. The sale of the vineyard then allowed them to buy the family house and the adjoining buildings, as well as two hectares of land around.

 For a long time, Pierre and Marisol have had the desire to grow spiritualy, with the family estate at the heart of it. The time has come for them to pass on all that they have learned and to live in love, peace, harmony, in nature.

  "This is our gift to the Universe: to bring about a community, which will prosper".

The Chapelains is a very special space and we can’t wait to share it with you!


We can't wait to share this fabulous experience with you! Come, be part of this global sisterhood. Where we show up for each other always, in all ways. Knowing that where two or more are gathered together in the name of love, speaking our truth in love, there is nothing more powerful than an empowered woman's heart.

Join us for this extraordinary experience of connection, creation, celebration and stepping into your SOVEREIGNTY.

What participants have shared from a Soul Sparkle Experience:

"My experience on this retreat has been absolutely incredible and life changing. I had no idea what to expect or what I was even doing signing up for this. At times before I felt such a wide range of emotions including fear, doubt, anxiety and apprehension. 

I’d never gone to a retreat before and especially one where I did not know anyone. This was so out of character for me! I came with an open heart and open soul, willing to receive whatever was here waiting for me and receive I did. 

During the last five days I have truly landed with and accepted that I am willing to d whatever it takes to live my dreams and that I am deserving of doing so. 

I have increased my value and self worth to a level I have never felt before. I trust in this process and see the results from it already. Our time in meditation and session has transformed how I feel and value myself and how I life my life. I have felt so loved, supported and inspired by my experience here. 

I’ve felt nothing but love and support the whole time I’ve been here. The environment and space they created has been safe, sacred and incredibly caring. They value each of us greatly for who we are and what we bring and for that I am forever grateful. 

I have learned valuable spiritual practices and have raised my self awareness and spiritual openness to a whole new and powerful level. I am leaving with a newfound sense of self, a deeper understanding of my own self worth and a roadmap for my future and lifelong sisters. 

I will forever cherish my time here and I can’t wait to reunite again on a future retreat! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for allowing the space for me to see and discover the life I have always wanted to live!" Cristina Rodriguez, California USA

“If there was a true life version of Glenda, the good witch, a bringer of joy and light ... I think it would be this woman. I had the pleasure of meeting her this weekend and she is truly a gift on this earth. If you're struggling with inner peace, loving yourself, or just need someone to lift you up, let this beautiful woman brighten your day. She changed my entire outlook on life and freed me from the burden I've been carrying for almost seven years... blaming God for taking Kathryn from me and not answering my prayers to save her. That's a lot of heaviness to carry. Now I accept with gratitude that he CHOSE me to do good for others through this painful experience and I am thankful that this is my life mission.”

This has been a beautiful experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to get their sparkle back! This has been a remarkable weekend!

— Linda Murden // Ohio

“A transformative, inspirational weekend surrounded by beautiful souls. It was a blessing to see each of these women blossom into their strength and express their fears and desires in life. I come away with deep new friendships and focus on what I want in my life to be my happiest self. Thank you for helping my sparkle shine bright!

— Love, Kris // Iowa

“My experience at Soul Sparkle Ojai has been life changing. It is hard to put into words the love and connection I felt to a group of women I just met. I was able to face some of my fears (some just realized) and to dream of a life I desire. I feel this is just a step into becoming and learning the person I was destined to become. The leaders here are so knowledgeable and so willing to share their wealth of knowledge with us. I would highly recommend this weekend for all women. You will make new friends that will last a life time, who will support you in whatever you do. Thank you to all the leaders and lovely ladies!

— Sue Anderson // Arizona

“For the first time EVER, I have truly shared and truly connected to a group of women. Our group truly respected and communicated and shared at our deepest level in our deepest souls. The outcome is Soul Sparkle and sparkle they do! I thank you for this experience, it was truly transformative for me. With much sparkling love!

— Cyndi // Ohio

“Being a part of the Soul Sparkle weekend was like having a slumber party with 20 best friends you never knew you had. The connection with each other was immediate and the commonality among us all was uncanny. We played, we laughed, we cried, we danced, and we were loved until our souls sparkled.

— Anonymous

“This was a wonderful event, for myself but not alone. I loved this group of women and it would not have been the same without a single one of them.

— Anonymous

“It was an incredible setting and an incredible group of women. The weekend just sort of unfolded slowly into the experience it became. I really feel you introduced us slowly to the “unpeeling” of the things that were dimming our sparkle and keeping each of us from becoming the women we were meant to be. The “sparkle of my life” was definitely missing in my life and I am now on my way to grabbing it for my life!

— Anonymous


What's Included...

Do you have women in your life that support your dreams and your deepest hearts desire? We want you to have the opportunity to surround yourself with incredible women that want only what is in your highest and best, love.  A place that you can speak your dreams out loud and allow us to hold the space and intention for you, and to share the visions of what you see for other sisters so that they may be able to step into the highest version of themselves as well.  This is a powerful and transformational experience for women that feel called to serve the women of the world. It's time. 

We will come in celebration. In solidarity. In sisterhood. This will be an experience of connection, support, and SOUL centered leadership.  This is for women that are ready to RISE into a new realm of visibility and service to the world.  Are you feeling the call to step into the next level of soul centered leadership? To step into your role as a powerfully feminine leader? This is for you.  

In this new paradigm of feminine leadership, we believe we all need to create abundance in our business and life so we can give more. To create space in your life so you have the freedom and time to serve. We want to help you create the best version of yourself and the highest vision for your life so you can create your magic in the world! 


We will activate your deep soul gifts for advocacy, speaking and teaching. We will work with spiritual technologies that will help you surrender to the magic with gratitude and grace. The light that shines within you is here to serve the world with your radiant embodiment of divine love. 

Mentoring you to reach your highest potential would be my greatest honor, for your participation as a leader in this current global awakening is so vitally important. If you are a spiritual revolutionary longing to serve your divine purpose, it’s time.

Where Strategy meets SACRED.

Where SPIRITUAL activism and inspired action meets aligned SUCESS. 

Where the ultimate outcome is your SOVEREIGNTY as a Soul Centered CEO. 

Join me for what may be the most extraordinary time of your life!

In love and magic!

“This experience will transport and transform you in ways you cannot begin to imagine. Your heart will overflow with love and strength and sisterhood. This experience lets you find your soul sparkle, but even more than that it shows you the sparkling souls of the women around you and the love they can share."

"Being a part of the Soul Sparkle weekend was like having a slumber party with 20 best friends you never knew you had. The connection with each other was immediate and the commonality among us all was uncanny. We played, we laughed, we cried, we danced, and we were loved until our souls sparkled."

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for organizing this ENTIRE experience! We all know Paris, even if we've just seen pictures. But the trip I took with the Soul Sparkle ladies was more than just an overseas trip to Europe, it was SOUL CHANGING. I healed myself. Myself. And most importantly the little girl inside of me. I forgave myself and learned to be patient and set intentions for the future. Thank you for bringing me out of my shell and helping me heal." -Mags M.

"So far I have spent two weekend retreats with Hayley for the Soul Sparkle experience and am part of her Mastery to Magic program. I'm sure most of you know the importance of attending retreats and events, the right ones that is. It lights your soul up and connects you to another level. It allows the flow of inspiration to come flooding through and what ever else the retreat is actually for.

Working with Hayley is so much more. It is a space where you can feel safe and loved as you release your shadows, your B.S beliefs, release that which does not serve you. It's a space where you can feel loved and adored, at the same time as being fully supported while loving and adoring the being you are. I stepped more into my truth than I have ever done before and this of course was important for me as this is the work I was truly destined to do in the world.

Hayley is truly there, I mean really!!! Hand holding there, "What do you need from me" Is her words. In the space and time we are in, its what I need the most and then we take it from there. How blooming awesome is that, everything worked around what was for me. What was for my highest good.

Some need a bit of structure, yet being adaptable is important for me. I feel in most retreats it's important to tune in and see how your group are doing and shift with that. Hayley does this perfectly, even to the point of seeing the importance of me ridding a curse I had put on myself 20 years prior. A tattoo that had a sad and dark meaning to it, and boom, we found the perfect place, the perfect time, the perfect woman to join us in removing, replacing and allowing more of me and my truth to appear. That shed nearly 10 layers all at once and that was for my highest good. Everything flowed perfectly, of course!”

One by one, we are making our claim to the divine designation of, “Sovereign".” A Sovereign is a stewardship responsibility to be the law giver, the law keeper and the protector of those given to us, to raise in the knowledge of their divine origin and nature. Until each, Sovereign in waiting, raises their voice and declares, by proclamation, to be a Sovereign, then we will be ruled over by others who have raised their voices, received their divine calling and accepted their stewardship responsibility.

"This entire experience was beyond my wildest dreams-which is what I've been needing. To expand my idea of what is possible for my world even as someone who has traveled and does this type of "work" for a living. I needed the powerful reminder and opportunity to shatter my own limiting beliefs. Hayley is the epitome of a magical, ethereal guardian angel-she got me to push past my money barriers and get how completely taken care of I am. Thank God she did, being in Paris was a 25 year dream come! Add that to the hearings I got from the Master Classes and I feel I am going back home a changed woman, but as opposed to transforming into new and unrecognizable, I got to come back home, to the essence that has always been there and just needed permission to come out and play. Whatever is in the way of someone attending a Soul Sparkle Experience, is the very thing that needs to be healed and overcome for our Soul's liberation." -Natalie V


"The Soul Sparkle experience was magical. Connecting with a group of women I had never met seemed like it would be awkward-but it wasn't. After only one day together people we met when we were out as a group thought we had been friends forever! The laughter, the tears, the acceptance was so easy and natural. To bare your soul in such a safe, warm environment is a powerful and freeing experience." Cristy, Oklahoma 

“If there was a true life version of Glenda, the good witch, a bringer of joy and light ... I think it would be this woman. I had the pleasure of meeting her this weekend and she is truly a gift on this earth. If you're struggling with inner peace, loving yourself, or just need someone to lift you up, let this beautiful woman brighten your day. She changed my entire outlook on life and freed me from the burden I've been carrying for almost seven years... blaming God for taking Kathryn from me and not answering my prayers to save her. That's a lot of heaviness to carry. Now I accept with gratitude that he CHOSE me to do good for others through this painful experience and I am thankful that this is my life mission.”

"Hayley has an incredible gift. Her gift is not just seeing the world as a beautiful place, but helping you to see it as such, as well. I had the incredible privilege of hearing Hayley speak live- it changed my life! She taught simple yet profound techniques which will help me keep my mindset where it needs to be going forward. I know for a fact that Hayley's word will live with me forever and will help me achieve the "impact" I was born to make in this world. Thank you, Hayley, for your sweet soul, and genuine caring of others. You are truly a radiant light in this world." --Stephanie M


"I had no idea what to expect from this. I didn't know my soul would be this vulnerable and that my walls would crumble only to expose the beauty of Paris-the beauty of Paris within us all. I feel rested. Rejuvenated. Loved. Accepted. Seen. And encouraged. All the ladies on this trip came from different states, stories, backgrounds, and walks of life, but our common denominator was the raw unfolding of self in a safe and sacred space. Speaking our stories in front of these ladies was easy and I knew that my words and my tears would fall on the hearts and hands of these women who would hold them for me so that I could release them. Our story has only just begun." -Chriselda R

Hayley Headshot 1.jpg

Hayley is the CEO of Soul Sparkle, Inc. global experiences and the creator of the Soul Sparkle Collection. She is a mentor to women leaders called to create a Soul Centered business and life, a spiritual teacher and author of Becoming a Soul Centered CEO and the forthcoming book, Soul Sparkle Living: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Life. She is the host of Soul Sparkle Radio and The Soul Centered CEO Podcast and creator of Soul Sparkle SEVA, global service trips and experiences and is an expert in transformational travel. Hayley is one part fun fairy, one part wise sage, with a burning desire to bottle up and light on fire all things magical that bring women back to their own soul and the sparkle within.

Hayley spent over 20 years in the corporate wellness industry consulting over 300 employer clients and as a senior level executive leading strategy/innovation and new product development for a national health management organization. She has always felt called to help other women craft a business that gives back and makes a global impact. She has created the Soul Centered CEO mentorship and mastermind for women leaders around the world.

Her vision is big - a million women serving a million women. In October 2016, she left her corporate path and since making the leap she has literally sprinkled her magic across multiple continents, fully living her Soul Sparkle life of wandering the world, giving back, and successfully running a highly impactful business.

Her wish for you is that you live as the blessing you are and that you see the gift you were born to be. It’s your time to shine and this is how to make that happen.

Two options are available: 

Option 1: $777/month for 7 months (12 spaces available)

This is a virtual only option and gives you access to everything outlined above with the exception of the immersion retreats. 

Option 2: $1497/month for 7 months (12 spaces available)

This option includes everything outlined above with in person retreats, events, 1:1 calls.

Email with any questions: [email protected]

So excited to sparkle with you here for this gorgeous experience!