Join us for

Soul Sparkle Sacred

in the South of France! 


March 27-April 1, 2020

Sweet one, there are places in the world where our souls SPARKLE and this area of France is certainly one of them. We'd love to invite you to join us for a gorgeous Soul Sparkle experience here! Come spend these incredible days with us as we focus on creating more MAGIC in your life!

We are all born with sparkle in our soul, love. Sometimes we need to be reminded of this divine spark within us and sometimes the easiest way is to see your own sparkly reflection through a soul sister. If you are craving deep and real connection with beautiful souls, this experience is for you.

Connections that run deeper than surface level. We long to be seen, supported, accepted, and deeply loved. We want to be surrounded by visionaries and kind souls that inspire us to dream big and to follow our heart.  

This getaway will unleash the sparkle that you have hidden inside and you will leave feeling deeply loved, nourished from the inside out, supported in sisterhood, and fully seen for the beautiful soul you are. You will also have an incredibly soul filling experience in the beautiful South of France.

It is our wish that you leave feeling connected to your body, heart and soul and that you experience sweet, lasting connection. We fully intend for you to feel loved and supported by this circle of sisters gathering together for this very special experience.

If you are a dreamer, a light bringer, a magic maker, an adventure seeker, a love giver, come. If you are a woman with a big heart and big dreams, come. We are gathering together as a collective of women and I would love for you to join us if you feel called. Come join us and experience the magic of the South of France!

Think twinkle lights and champagne. Sisterhood and Celebration. Self Mastery, Sacred Soul Alignments and a whole lot of MAGIC! We can't wait to share this experience with you!

Your magical life is waiting for you and we are so excited to help you step into the next iteration of yourself and your life! 


Join us for an experience of Sisterhood and Celebration!

Our Itinerary: We've selected a gorgeous location for our time together in France. It’s a stunning villa and we know you will absolutely love this beautiful space!

Arrive at the Nice International Airport and we will gather in our gorgeous villa in La Colle sur Loup. Please plan to arrive by 2 p.m. on arrival day.  We will get settled into our rooms at the villa and then gather for a champagne toast and Soul Sparkle Soiree poolside during the magic hour.  


This is an elegant gathering of sweet and sacred conversations, and collaborations between beautiful souls. It's a lovely way to connect and celebrate the magical lives we are creating, together. This includes wine and cheeses plus the perfect glass of bubbly! The soiree will be followed by our opening circle and dinner at the villa.

Daily Schedule: We will start each morning with a Soul Sparkle Session, movement and meditation followed by a beautiful breakfast of gorgeous croissants and coffee, fruit, yogurt, eggs of your choice, a variety of cereals and juices, herbal teas.   

After breakfast we’ll have a Masterclass where we will be diving deep into the power of the Seven Sacred Flames and the mystical and esoteric teachings of the Seven Sacred Seals along with the Spiritual Technology of Kundalini Yoga and the magic of Soul Sparkle Shakti.

We will work in the realm of “practical magic” with equal parts business strategy, deep soul work and all parts sparkle while we anchor in the mystical teachings of the Seven Sacred Flames and the Seven Sacred Seals that can be described as transmissions of truth and portals of grace. As we invoke these powerful teachings you will experience deep inner healing that allows for you to open your heart to a higher vision of yourself and others.

The seals are sacred transmissions, energies between and beyond words, designed to bring your heart back to life and to open your spiritual heart to a space of unconditional love and grace.

These invocations will open you up to the spirit of grace and to higher forces that will bring changes to your life mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, impacting your health and well being in a beautiful way.


Our evening activities will include the stunning SOUL SPARKLE SHAKTI experience.  Soul Sparkle Shakti is a lovely combination of kundalini yoga, sensual movement, tribal dance, ecstatic dance, guided meditation and deep relaxation. This practice is designed to awaken your inner sparkle and light you up in a new and dynamic way.  We will be awakening the divine feminine power within you through movement, meditation and celebration. There will be special ceremonies and ritual as we support each other in this magical unfolding. 


Sacred Soul Alignments are powerful sacred energies that have the power to clear hundreds and thousands of oaths, vows, contracts, trapped emotions, negative patterns throughout this lifetime and other lifetimes for you and generations before and after you.  These activations can help you begin your magical journey to a happy, healthy, prosperous life and a powerful contributor to global peace and love and support you in living in the fullest expression of yourself and your soul. We will immerse ourselves in the essence and energy of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and Joan of Arc, and the embodiment of Divine Feminine Leadership.

We will also visit the sacred site of the Basilica Sainte-Baume. This is where many have come to pay tribute to Mary Magdalene by making pilgrimages to her relics that are stored in the crypt of St. Maximin’s Basilica. The reverence and love for Mary Magdalene is palpable in this part of France and we are so excited to share this beautiful experience with you. We will visit the *Grotto or “Cave” of Mary Magdalene and experience a special ceremony and initiation in this holy and sacred place.

*please note that you will need to physically be able to hike 45 minutes to one hour each way to join on this part of the adventure.


We will take a tour of the seaside village of Antibes and have bubbles on the rooftop at Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, a beautiful space right on the water! You will have time to explore the cobble stone streets and sweet shops in this darling beach town. 

We will spend an afternoon shopping and and having lunch at La Petit Chapelle in the darling town of Saint-Paul-de-Vence where Medieval walls encircle narrow streets and capture the heritage of more than a thousand years!


Meet Your Host:

Hayley Hunter Hines

Hayley Hines is the Founder of Soul Sparkle, Inc. events and experiences and the creator of the Soul Sparkle Collection. She is an inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, sacred soul alignments practitioner and author of the forthcoming book Soul Sparkle Living: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Life. She is also the host of Soul Sparkle Radio.

Hayley Headshot 1.jpg

 We can't wait to share this fabulous experience with you! Come, be part of this global sisterhood. Where we show up for each other always, in all ways. Knowing that where two or more are gathered together in the name of love, speaking our truth in love, there is nothing more powerful than an empowered woman's heart.

Join us for this extraordinary experience of connection, creation and celebration. 

Special Guest: Lana Thomas

Lana is the owner of Voulez Vous photography and passionate about creating gorgeous images that capture the essence and soul of a woman. We are so excited to have Lana with us to capture your magic! During our gorgeous South of France experience the first seven participants to register will receive a mini portrait session with Lana to capture your inner and outer sparkle! 


What participants have shared from this experience:

"My experience on this retreat has been absolutely incredible and life changing. I had no idea what to expect or what I was even doing signing up for this. At times before I felt such a wide range of emotions including fear, doubt, anxiety and apprehension. 

I’d never gone to a retreat before and especially one where I did not know anyone. This was so out of character for me! I came with an open heart and open soul, willing to receive whatever was here waiting for me and receive I did. 

During the last five days I have truly landed with and accepted that I am willing to d whatever it takes to live my dreams and that I am deserving of doing so. 

I have increased my value and self worth to a level I have never felt before. I trust in this process and see the results from it already. Our time in meditation and session has transformed how I feel and value myself and how I life my life. I have felt so loved, supported and inspired by my experience here. 

I’ve felt nothing but love and support the whole time I’ve been here. The environment and space they created has been safe, sacred and incredibly caring. They value each of us greatly for who we are and what we bring and for that I am forever grateful. 

I have learned valuable spiritual practices and have raised my self awareness and spiritual openness to a whole new and powerful level. I am leaving with a newfound sense of self, a deeper understanding of my own self worth and a roadmap for my future and lifelong sisters. 

I will forever cherish my time here and I can’t wait to reunite again on a future retreat! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for allowing the space for me to see and discover the life I have always wanted to live!" Cristina Rodriguez, California USA

Photo by Lana Thomas


“Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for this experience. I had my intention for this life changing trip to France…my intention was simply to be open to miracles, to be surrendered to the healing needing to take place within me and I came wanting to create the space to hold the next iteration of myself.  

As a result of being here, I have released so much pain, suffering, obstacles and blocks.  I have within that found space, created and seeded visions for my new coaching program and now I will show up powerfully for the women I will serve.  I am leaving with dreams bigger than I could have imagined myself, with my program mapped out, action steps laid out and new found inspiration that I know will get me through the creation of my vision.  

I feel blessed beyond belief to have been in this container of unconditional love that has resulted in the deepest level of healing and activation.  

I can’t wait to come back next year and share the phenomenal manifestation of the seedlings we planted in this magical vortex that was created!” Patty Staco, NYC USA

Photo by Lana Thomas


What's included:

Accommodations: Five nights double occupancy at a stunning villa

Meals: Gourmet meals include breakfast each morning, three lunches and three dinners are included along with a beautiful Soul Sparkle Soiree and champagne toast!

All teachings, Masterclasses and workshops outlined above.

*Air transportation is not included, all ground transportation is included.

SPECIAL BONUS: Portrait Session with Lana: The first seven participants registered will experience an incredible photo session with our special guest, Lana Thomas and it will be gorgeous! You will spend a magical time with her creating stunning portraits and will receive 3 finished images, additional available for purchase. 

Please note: Registration for Soul Sparkle South of France is non-refundable, however it IS transferrable. If for any reason you are unable to attend, you can send someone in your place. The above is our proposed itinerary to give you an idea of the experience and the final itinerary will be provided prior to the event.

Space is limited to so if you feel called to join us go ahead and reserve your spot, we only have four spots left! So excited to share this experience with you!

Regular Pricing: $4997

*Super early bird pricing is available until 9/1/19.

$3500 pay in full or 2 payment plan options available:

Pay in Full Here: $3500

Register with Payment Plan Here: $500 first payment followed by 3 payments of $1058

April Experience
Number of payments 4
At checkout$500.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 3)$1,058.00 USD
Total $3,674.00 USD

Extended Payment Plan: $550/month, 7 months.

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