Introducing the Soul Sparkle Supper Club

This is a lovely dinner party style experience to help us cultivate mindfulness as it relates to nourishing ourselves from the inside out.  We will explore how to infuse more presence, passion and pleasure while enjoying a delicious three course dinner.  With bubbles of course!  

Join me for this culinary adventure as we explore our relationship with food.  So many of us use food as a way to check out of the moment. We eat in our car, at our desk, on the run.  Food becomes a social link to other people rather than linking it to the present moment.  

What if food could be a doorway to being more present, not less?  What would it be like to imagine that the tastes and textures of food could be a gentle reminder that brings us back to the present moment?  This is an evening you won't want to miss! 

What guests have said about the Supper Club Experience: 

"Soul Supper Club was such a great experience! It was such a brilliant way to connect us back to our foods and being mindful on how we nourish our bodies. I loved breaking bread with like minded people, the conversation was so inspirational and the evening was beyond delightful. Soul Sparkle Supper Club exceeded all my expectations and I can’t wait to enjoy the next one!"

"Eating with my eyes closed and actually tasting the food, brought up such fond memories of my childhood with my mom and grandmother in the kitchen.  I am so excited to incorporate all of the presence, passion, and purpose that I learned from Soul Supper Club into my daily routine!"


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